Thursday, July 16, 2015

Ant-Man Review and Impressions!! [Spoilers]

So I just saw Ant-Man and I've got to say it was way better than I expected. The same feeling I got after watching Guardians of the Galaxy (obvs GotG is way better) with a smile on my face talking about how funny it was. The mexican dude from 'End of Watch' is in it and is hilarious lol. This funny euro dude is in it also and T.I. makes an appearance.What else... falcon is in it!! and the appearance of Avengers training facility was a great thing to see.

Yellowjacket is also a badass. His suit is awesome and shoots lasers...LASERS haha. Only problem is the guy who plays yellowjacket... he's a real pussy pushover in 'House of Cards' so I cant really take him too seriously when he makes threats.

Michael Douglas plays a big role as the one who created the serum to make Ant Man and the very nice Evangeline Lilly as his daughter mmmm. She cut her hair shorter from her elvish ways in the Hobbit but she still a head turner.

Paul Rudd saves the day, defeats yellowjacket and now we have a nother cast member to add to the Marvel universe to insert into other movies!!!

Mid Credits: Michael Douglas opens a secret door to show his daughter that they have another Wasp suit thats just for her... SHOCKER! Look forward to seeing her in future movies.

Post Credits: We see bucky working on something and we see cap talking with falcon. They exchange words about a problem and falcom suggests Tony Stark to help, Cap refutes this and says he wont be able to help. Falcon suggests he knows a guy that could help , aka AntMan so it looks like we will see AntMan and possible Wasp in the next Cap movie which will be civil war I think.

Bottom line if you like action, love super heroes, like to have a light hearted laugh every now and then you'll love this movie. It's a movie goers kind of movie and I suggest you go watch!!

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