Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Ballers Episode 5 "Machete Charge" Review and thoughts

Another pretty good episode. Ricky is still trying to win over his teammate after messing with his mom. I thought he would crack at the end when he threw the bills into the crowd but the guy is smarter than he looks. Hiring his girlfriends' dad to pretend to be a cop, Alonzo was so shook he even offered to give his number back lolllll Definitely one of more favorite characters.

Vernon done gone messed up. Now him and Reggie are crying back for help after acting so cocky. Must suck to be under the microscope and anything you do wrong someone can black mail you and you could lose everything. Case and point these shady girls that party with nfl players just to make a shady dollar. Guess that is just the world we live in. Now Ricky and Joe are fucked because they also look bad since it was their company party. Like always, the rock won't go down without a fight and will go to war with the enemy firm trying to blackmail them.

Oh and btw Charles.. DELETE EVERYTHING. Even the smallest crumb your girl will find out. Better to have 0% chance of messing up then 0.1% since there is still a CHANCE. Anyway , till next week!

Catch the episode right HERE

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