Wednesday, July 29, 2015

HBO Ballers Episode 6 Review (Dwayne Johnson)

The season is making its way through and i'm growing to like it more and more. This episode is mostly about Ricky Jerret but we'll talk about the other characters first.

Spencer is still having fears about past concussions and nervous about getting an MRI done to see what could possible go wrong. Understandable, anything that has to do with your head and brain is scary, i'd be shitting bricks while laying there lol Vern and Reggie catch wind that Spencer is friends with Tracy, the girl that is black mailing them and they aren't too happy about that. They meet up and smooth things over which is a surprise, I would think Reggie would do something stupid.

Charles is staying at Ricky's place after leaving his home and gets caught up with the single life. Smoking weed, partying, drinking, playing with girls etc but realizes he's getting to old for it. His wife shows up pissed and forgives him not before she pushes him in the pool to punish him haha So I guess he's off the hook for the side chick that was texting him before.

Now lets get to Ricky. News comes out that Ricky slept with a teammates mom and news explodes. Lots of rumors how he likes being spanked and messed up stuff which gets Ricky really upset. Spencer pulls some strings and gets Ricky an interview with a big name sports reporter to clear his name. During the interview we find out that Ricky dad was  pro athlete that left him and his mom when he was younger. Didn't want nothing to do with Ricky even after Ricky reached out. He wears 18 as a fuck you towards his dad and that's why it means so much to him. You get to see what drives Ricky and see a new side to him which makes you love him a lot.

We end the episode with Spencer going into an MRI machine and the episode ends! Can't wait for the next one!

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