Thursday, July 30, 2015

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation (Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner) Review

Another mission impossible, I guess they will continue to make them as long as he is strong and able to do them. Tom Cruise does a good job with the action and seems to not miss a step. Grandfather time hasn't got to him yet, that or he has a crazy trainer.

If you want action, action and more action you have come to the right movie. Throw in some British accents and a pretty actress and you are set.Enter Rebecca Ferguson, found out she is swedish and is fine as fuck. One scene she goes topless and you get to see some nice side boob. Her eyes.. geeze, you can get lost in those eyes any day of the week.

The whole crew is here. Ethan, Benji, Luthor and Will are back facing impossible odds and kicking ass. Too much happens in the movie for me to go over but expect a lot of cool gadgets and amazing tricks to finish the mission. All 4 characters are solid actors with a great resume so nothing seems missing when you watch he movie on the big screen. Throw in on screen chemistry that generate a few good laughs and i'm content.

I got to give it to the writer of these movies, they write great plot lines that keep you guessing till the final scene. Don't forget the plot twists and this one has a doozy that had me mind fucked lol Anyway it's getting late and i'm tired so sleep time for me!

Yes, I recommend it!
-It's a mission impossible movie so you know what you are getting
-Lots of action and tech devices
-Beautiful actress with amazing eyes that you find staring at
-Great of solid actors

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