Tuesday, July 28, 2015

NERF Rival ... NERF for adults!!

So we all know NERF has fun guns that we all want but are meant for kids. Not gonna lie I have a few guns just for fun and I think i'm not the only one. Nerf is now releasing a new line for ages 14+ of high speed NERF guns. Nerf Rival Zeus and Apollo will shoot up to 70 MPH and will not use darts anymore but spherical balls which will fly much faster. Off course this will probably be more dangerous so they are selling a mask to help protect her face, check out the ammo and face mask below.

Here's a brief video and demo of the 2 guns along with packaging. I think they arrive in the states in august and Canada in September. I'll be checking my toys r us for these bad boys and probably buy 1 of each lol 

Can't wait!!!

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