Sunday, July 26, 2015

Pixel Movie Review - Adam Sandler and Kevin James

So I've heart a lot of negative things from this movie and I can see where they are coming from. It is very far fetched and very stupid at times but what did you expect? The movie is directed to those who love games and just laugh at stupid stuff.

For me personally, it wasn't the greatest but I did enjoy the movie. Lots of dumb jokes and Adam Sandler humor which made me laugh out loud a lot. Everyone basically knows the synopsis of the movie, aliens attack and only the top gamers know how to beat them. Plenty of laughs and the girls in the movie are great.

Ashley Benson as Lady Lisa... YES so bomb. She should've been in the movie for longer but I cant complain. The main actress Michelle Monaghan is no slouch either. Personally I like that kind of girl so it was nice seeing her throughout the movie .. hair on was on point.

Kevin James and Josh Gad provided a lot of quick laughs throughout the movie which I can understand not everyone likes that kind of humor. Oh yea and Peter Dinklage is in the movie with an appearance of Ned Stark , Sean Bean lol . Not much else to the movie just mindless fun.

No, I do not recommend this to the general public:
-Dumb Comedy
-Far fetched stupid jokes
-Gamers will love the movie
-Typical Adam Sandler kind of movie
-Pretty girls is never a bad thing
-Go into the movie not expecting much and you'll be fine

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