Sunday, July 26, 2015

Southpaw (Jake Gyllenhal, Rachel McAdams) Movie Review!

Feels , feels and more feels. This movie puts you through the ringer. Billy Hope goes through everything from losing his wife, losing his kid to social services to almost losing himself. You see someone come from being on top of the world brought down to nothing. Once the money leaves, so does almost everyone around yo, even the ones you thought cared...nope , money makes the world go round and its kind of sad.

Rachel McAdams plays Billy's wife Maureen Hope (Mo), She's the level headed one who can settle down this raging bull and make everything in his life make sense. So it makes perfect sense that when she dies, Billy goes off the deep end. Rachel McAdams looks sooooo bomb holy ****. Jake Gyllenhal is a lucky guy lol Everyone needs a wifey like that by their side.

Anyway after a scuffle with rival Escobar, brawl breaks out and a gun is shot and Mo is left to bleed and die. The scene is really heavy, I can't even imagine what someone could go through if it were to happen to me and my girl.  Afterwards he goes through a lot of dumb decisions which gets him in trouble with the law resulting in his daughter getting taken away.

This is where Tick Wills (Forest Whitaker) comes in to take Billy under his wing. Cleans him up and shows him the way to get his daughter back and fix things. Billy makes his way back as a changed fighter and finds his way back to a rematch with the champ. He wins the fight, he wins the money and a second chance at life.

The fight is intense as Escobar wins the early rounds and Billy wins the middle to late rounds. It ends with round 12 and a knockout punch by Billy on Escobar...but he gets up as the fight ends saved by the bell. It goes to the judges and ......split decision what?!?! ... BILLY HOPE WINS!!! The fight was so intense but now it was all worth it. He wins money which makes his financial situation easier and he probably won his daughter too.

At the end of the fight , after the decision, Billy kneels to the corner and whispers "We did it mo, we did it" (Something like that). Watching this had me in near tears. He went through so much and Mo would be so proud of him. Still can't imagine being in his shoes through all of this.

This is kinda getting long but I can write about anything if I like it enough.  This is my first movie review so i'll do like this, no stupid rating system just recommend or not recommend with a note:

Yes watch it!
-Heavy Story line
-Rachel McAdams

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