Thursday, July 30, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Super Mario 3 (NES) #tbt

My first gaming console other than Gameboy was the Nintendo (NES) ! I had 3 games with it when I first got it. This game, TMNT II and super mario / duck hunt (yea the one everyone has) and I played this one the most. It was more complex as the first super mario was pretty straight forward and TMNT was more of a beat em up so I woul switch between this and that.

This game had so much. You could fly with a leaf, tail whip as a raccoon, jump into a sock and be safe from enemies while you jump on them and so much more. This game also had so many secrets and hidden levels. Like in the first map there's a secret in a level that makes you jump the map and go close to the boss.

They had bonus levels where you could get extra lives or get power ups shown by the mushroom and spade icons. Just the whole concept of moving through a map and choosing levels was mind boggling. I could spend hours playing this AND you could SAVE. That was unheard of with a lot of games. This is mostly the reason why I kept playing this because all your progress was not wasted and I wanted to keep beating the game!

Oh yea and when you finished the game if you ran at this box at max speed at the exact same angle. You would get the same card and if you matched all 3 you would get extra lives.

Makes me want to go reboot my NES and play a few levels.. anyway check out this speed run to see Super Mario 3 in all its glory!

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