Thursday, August 6, 2015

Fantastic Four Review (Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B Jordan)

Sigh another origin movie and surprise they fight Dr. Doom again. Surprisingly enough the origin story is pretty interesting and done well. You fall for the nerd Reed  and get into their project to get to the other dimension. After that is where it all falls to shit in my opinion. Dr. Doom looks a bad cosplay and looks comical at times.

The enemy once again is... DR DOOM...why! After the origin I was hoping for a fast forward to a new enemy but nope, we fight Victor again who wants to destroy the world! lame . They do the whole, "We must work as a team" and defeat Dr.Doom almost the same way they defeat him in the original Fantastic Four.

It was like they rushed the end after having a good origin story. But that's what origin does...eats up time so the end has to be rushed or we'll have a 3 hour movie. Anyway there was NO after credits scene and the Deadpool trailer appears before the movie so at least I didn't have to wait till the end to see nothing lol. I could write more about the movie but I'm just disappointed close to the end and it takes a lot for me not to like a movie.

NO, I do not recommend this movie
-Cool origin but that's about it
-Kate Mara is nice but she's no Jessica Alba
-Dr, Doom looks comical and defeated in the same boring way
-Cheesy even for me near the end
-If you are a big Marvel fan like me you'll probably just watch it just to watch it

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