Sunday, August 9, 2015

Hbo Ballers Episode 7 Review (Dwayne Johnson)

This episode was good but not as good as last week. Ricky is going crazy after Anabella dumps him and goes crazy trying to get her back raiding her friends places and going insane just trying to speak to her. He eventually finds her in a Miami club talking to Miami Heat's Birdman and chaos erupts. A scuffle happens and Ricky leaves the club. Not even Spencer or Charles can calm him down at all.

Elsewhere Spencer meets with his late friend Rodney's wife who gives him Rodney's ashes to do what he pleases. Spencer decides that he will spread the ashes on the field with Charles. During these moments he and Charles reminisce of the old times and think about how Rodney got caught in all the drama and look what happen to him.

Spencer and Joe meet with Vern and assure him everything will be fine and Spencer even offers to pay the 150 thousand dollars himself for the paparazzi photos. Later we find out the person who is selling the photos wants to take the money directly from Spencer and rub it in his face. Off course Joe and Spence don't want anything to do with her and reject the offer.

At the end of the episode we see the boss open an e-mail, lone and behold, someone sent  the photos to him and i'm sure there will be a shit storm of punishments coming in the following episode!

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