Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Killer Instinct 3: Battletoads' Rash Reveal! (Xbox One. Windows 10)

So I've played Killer Instinct on the Xbox One before at my cousins place. It is pretty fun and easy to learn but since I do not own an Xbox One I never play it. Mostly due to me being a PlayStation fan and a Street Fighter fan but when I saw the news I had to check it out. BATTLE TOADS. Yup! The classic old Nintendo game has comeback. I watched game play footage and it has everything. The charge, the big fists, the big foot, THE WRECKING BALL ah.. nostalgia at its finest. I played these games all growing up on NES and SNES. Guess i'll be making a trip to my cousins place sometime soon and get some rounds in.

Check the reveal below!

*Oh shit it's coming to windows 10 so i'll play on my pc!*

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