Wednesday, January 6, 2016

My First Adidas Boosts!

Loving all the new color ways that Adidas has been releasing especially in the Ultra Boosts style. I've been looking everywhere for some Ultra boosts and a lot of places here in Edmonton do not have much stock. I found a pair of tan ones and a pair neon yellow ones at Sport Chek. Not really the ones I wanted so I passed. Looking more for the colors below especially the all white:

Drove around today and went to the Running Room in Namao and found these beautiful Energy Boosts! Not exactly ultra boosts but I loved the colors (Patriots Colors haha). Tried them on and they are dream to walk in. Like walking on clouds lol, reminds me of my Under Armour Apollo's but even better.

Although I didn't get Ultra's I now know my size and I will probably pick up a pair of Ultra Boosts in the near future.

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