Monday, April 10, 2017

Whose ready for some Thor: Ragnarok Trailer + Review!!!!

Woke up this morning to a bunch of notifications and messages about the new trailer that just dropped. From Guardians to Homecoming to this, I can't keep up with all the hype that the MCU is giving to us fans. I know Thor isn't the most highly regarded character in the MCU but I think this movie will change peoples minds.



From the beginning of the trailer the feel was different from previous Thor movies. I liked how it was narrated by Thor and that he was basically saying what I was thinking: Thor looks messed up, wtf happened?? We then get our first glimpse of Hera and all her glory as she destroys his hammer. We get lots of visual stunning shots of Hera with her headpiece and her take over of Asgard. We get a glimpse of Mr. Alba kicking ass and we also get a nice clip of our favorite villain Loki,

Finally at the end of the trailer we get to see what everyone has been walking for Hulk vs Thor with a little bit of comedy thrown in there LOL Overall I loved it and I've been on this MCU hype train since day one and I don't think I'll be going anywhere!!

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